Juice-BX Partners With North Texas Amusements, DFW Excellerator

DALLAS — Juice-BX, a provider of charging stations for phones and other smart devices, announced new partnerships with DFW Excellerator and North Texas Amusement.

DFW Excellerator (Dallas, TX) is a consulting firm that fosters international growth and access to global capital. North Texas Amusement (Ft. Worth, TX) is a vending and distribution company that provides turnkey solutions for small businesses and large multinational companies.

"DFW Excellerator and North Texas Amusement are instrumental to our current product development efforts as well as our strategic growth plans," said Juice-BX chief executive Robert Brevelle. "DFW Excellerator is assisting in the vetting of suppliers and manufacturing capabilities in China. Having an established partner with offices in Dallas and China with a deep understanding of the language, culture and business environment has allowed us to quickly establish a trusted supplier base and complete final testing and inspection of our latest models of charging stations."

North Texas Amusement brings Juice-BX subject matter expertise in the areas of vending and field service support, Brevelle added. "With thousands of vending systems deployed and serviced, North Texas Amusement will allow us to hit the ground running as charging stations are installed at customer locations next month," he remarked.

DFW Excellerator and North Texas Amusement complement the company’s existing team of partners: Technium, ISF Incubator and Intellectual Ventures.

Juice-BX has also opened a new office at the Venture Development Center at the University of Texas at Dallas. The VDC is a 12,700-sq.ft. state-of-the-art business center with offices and labs.

"This new facility will house our administrative office as well as serve as an innovation center," said Juice-BX vice-president of operations Steven Gehfeld,. "In addition to software development and system testing, we will focus on increasing our intellectual property portfolio. We have two issued patents, and we are working on two new patent applications."

Separately, Brevelle has been appointed to a multi-industry coalition on additive manufacturing (AM). AM is a process of joining materials together, usually in a layering process, to form an object. While AM is sometimes referred to as "3D printing," it covers a much broader range of manufacturing processes.

Brevelle will oversee a global organization consisting of engineers, scientists and researchers working with large manufacturing firms and industry associations such as Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and Aerospace Industries Association. He will work on projects with the National Laboratories and universities to include overseeing millions in grants and research focused on the improvement of standards, certifications, processes, quality and knowledge sharing.

The Juice-BX chief has also been elected as president of the Dallas Chapter of the Association of Old Crows, an organization with more than 13,000 members with common interests in electromagnetic spectrum management operations, cyber electromagnetic activities, information operations and electronic warfare.

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